Saturday, October 11, 2003

first up, CONGRATULATIONS to Jo and ZY on the birth of their son, Ryan yday in the afternoon. She sounds really chipper which is great :D But they must be sooo happy! and I am soooooo thrilled, will go visit them soon. (does happy dance)

Jamie was fine, we woke him up early on Thurs to have his last bottle of milk (530am! ack!) and we all went together, checked in and Papa and JD went home for some male bonding hehe. The ped. surgeon was delayed cos he was with another patient operating. we waited quite a while but Jamie was very good, considering he must have been STARVING! I had taken the single stroller wt me so I cld take him around so we walked all along the floor, looked out the window (shouts of "car" soon followed lol), he charmed the nurses, he got dressed in his hospital gown (so cute!), they couldnt find a vein (like his mum) (they used this cream thing to numb the area and covered it up so he wont "eat" it). The anaths. asked me whether I was a strong momma emotionally cos they wld use the mask and the kids dont like that so lots of screaming and struggling and apparently many a parent have come out of the OR crying (which doesnt help the poor kiddie). I told her, no prob for me! So when it was finally our turn, I got dressed up in an OT outfit wt a hairnet thing and Jamie look at me like, huh? mama.. why u look so funny?! and we went in together (I carried him in). He laid down w/o protest, even pointed up to the ceiling and said "light". But when the mask came on, aiyoo, the struggle began. We all sang to him, A Nurse and I held him down, I talked to him calmly and he konked out soon enough. I left the OR and went to hv a quick lunch in the cafeteria.

After about half hour- forty mins, I was asked to come to the recovery ward, he was still asleep, they didnt know how long he'd be out for, after I chatted to the doc, I went to the loo and got my book and he woke up, so we tried to calm him on the bed, but he didnt want to be there, so I cuddled him and rocked him. He rubbed his eyes a lot and managed to dislodge the "drug IV" thing (That small lil capsule that they stick in afterwards) and started bleeding everywhere. Called a nurse, got him mopped up, bleeding stopped. Took out "Tata" the turtle and the crying stopped straight away. Rocked him to sleep and then laid him on the bed, he slept really well, curled up wt his turtle, and his hand on his momma's. When he woke up, he was just chipper. We dressed back into his normal clothes, and he smiled at the nurses who had dubbed him Handsome James. So cute lol Fed him water and put him back in the stroller and we walked arnd a bit. Papa and JD came to pick us up and after picking up his meds, off we went. He was quite chatty and he had some milk when at home and then he ate a full meal of baby cereal (keeping it light). went to sleep straight away! Slept all the way thru. Thank you for all the calls, well wishes etc Godma and Ah Ee rang up (or Ah Ee SMSed) to enquire after the lil tyke as well as Grandma and Ah Khong and Ah Kow etc. Thanks all!

Mama went to the market in the am. Ah Ma came later (Although we had planned a quiet day w/ no visitors) cos she wants to help it seems and she had bought all this fresh food and it wld spoil if she didnt come over. so she came. Anyway, got thru the day. Jamie was fine, he had slept well in the morning. He wanted to play, Ah Ma kept bending him over etc and let him carry a heavy toy but mentioned it so hopefully he ok. Anyways, they didnt sleep much in the pm, werent tired enough I think (I dont wanna say why) and we had a struggle getting em to sleep at night too. Jamie was really wide awake so let him crawl in the pen for a while and he wanted to walk a lot! so in the end, we gave him a small amount of milk and he went to sleep easily.

Woke up early this am and jamie and I had breakfast together and Papa and Josh had makan together. Papa is gng to be wt Ah Ma etc this afternoon for a meeting or something and we are gng to badminton. In the evening, gng to visit Jo (once monsters are in bed) in Pantai, she's gng home tomorrow.Jamie is really back to normal and is quite perky so thats good. And he wants to walk on his own! YAY! Trying to make myself wake up (I am sooo not a morning person and exercise (walking etc, w/ or w/o kids and husband) except for Sat am when I play badminton in the afternoon.

Tomorrow is last race of the season, I've been on the top of the Fantasy league so far, wld be nice to stay there ehhee (and JH, it's not cos husband is not paying attention and letting me be ahead :P) and the geng is coming around tomorrow to belatedly celebrate don's bday (it was on Wed). Pizza, munchies, friends and F1!!

ok.. best get to grips with what's needing to be done. Boys are down for their nap now.

later days, y'all.