Monday, September 01, 2003

Aiyooo I woke up wt a baad backache, I think from being hunched over the laptop last night and I reached for Josh this morning and twang! Major ouch. anyways, we went to IKEA to get some stuff for kitchen etc. MADHOUSE! we had to park by roadside, in front of Tesco leh. Some of the items we wanted, (big hooks "C" ) were 'temporarily oversold' which was a bummer. Anyway we had lunch there, the boys again had salmon in chives sauce, mashed taters and some broccoli (just the green part, no stalk). Josh had a good sleep and jamie had one thereafter. Bumped into Jeff and Sue there at the kitchen stuff, so funny. After we picked up our rails etc we met up again for some kopi and milk for the boys. It was nice to 'ketchup' as we say. We fought thru the crowds to get the items we wanted and got home. Luckily we found that short cut thru damansara perdana (Both ways) so we managed to avoid the 1utama side jam. The grandparents and Say Ku went to 1Utama instead, having some errands to run there. Havent checked my email in a bit, using don's lap top again today but am propped up. We decided to do some of the DIY today, just a kitchen rail thing to put the book support, the kitchen paper thing and some hooks to hang up other stuff. So did some re-arranging inside. Moved the formica table to outside etc, put the microwave and big rice cooker there. We also bought some big strong stainless steel rails/hooks for outside, for some saucepans, kuali, utensils, spice rack. But it required some serious heavy drilling and I had just put the boys down too so we postponed until this coming w.end. So I think each month, slowly do something lor. Cant afford to do it all at once anyway. Don has to study too so do a lil bit at a time, the next big projects for me are the kitchen and the garden ( bleccch), one step at a time hehe. At least if we can clear more space in the inside kitchen, then much better. I got the slow cooker out and don changed the plug so was good. Gotta start trying the recipes out and if I can learn some good recipes in the slow cooker, that wld be so much easier for me, more so if I do more freelance work, work part time again for CW, whatever. The boys definitely are getting more mobile. Jamie's 8th tooth is very prominent now. Josh has got 3 teeth trying to break thru the poor dear. He talks a lot now, so cute! Jamie said 'light' today while we were in IKEA restr. and he;s standing well, when hes decided he wants to stand hehe. He isnt so keen on the walker, he wont pull himself up there or he wont let u help him hold on lol He has even let go a couple of times and stands on his own ok. Only a matter of time... ACK! lol Forgot to mention that Josh managed to clamber onto the sofa at MK from a standing position... it has begun.. LOL anyway, more things to get sorted as we go along. Glad IKEA Is here for some of those things.. just wish we cld afford to do more.. but gotta make do with what we hv :D Karen came by today to return the rackets (She forgot shes away this w.end- she loves badders so much lol), she brought by dinner and we chatted and then watched BoomTown together. I must do some research tomorrow on slow cooker recipes or I cld ask CW hehe. I know that he has some of my cookbooks too, which I shld get back soon, since I am cooking more. So funny, I get so domestic.. hehehee... make breadlah, wanna do stews, own desserts, whatever next... aiiyooooo.. but the kids are growing well so that's something :D and we do get to eat healthier which is ALSO a plus point. When I can afford the dang freezer, I think we can do even better cos that way the days u just dont wanna "cook fresh", you can just defrost it and warm it up, easy! :D Must plough thru my recipes books and sites again slowly. I've never tried making muffins before but that's worth looking into, it's not like I hvnt got the equipment (other than that fance food processort thing). Let's just say it's a challenge worth looking into!

anyway, don's waiting to use the lap top now and I am tired, tomorrow is prob another long day. I've got to see CW on wed to deliver some stuff, make some "exchanges" (so dodgy LOL). Tempted to hit IKEA again to pick up that last kitchen rail so don can finish that up this w.end. But hey, mustnt get too excited, still got bills to pay. Which reminds, must do that tomorrow morning. aiyoooo, bad girl!

later days y'all.