Saturday, April 02, 2005

Back from Doc's appmnt and Tesco. The clinic was packed, apparently only one doc on duty this w.end so we waited almost 2 hours, urgh...The boys were good for most part but its boring, luckily brought some toys and they tried to chat to everyone there LOL Cant consider them shy I guess.. Anyway, he did a quick scan, nurse asked me to get lower half undressed (she told me this AFTER I had laid down, grr) cos he supposed to do an internal exam.. and then he DIDNT, grrr.. Anyways, just did a quick scan...Baby roughly weighs in at 3.4kg (7.5lbs) now and Ive just reached 37 weeks it seems. so who knows when it is.. sigh...

I hate waiting, I tend to be an impatient person I guess.. anyway we went to tescos afterwards for brunch and household shopping etc. Thats really ttiring. Boys had a splash about and now we are all relaxing... haha..

We shall see how we goes.. Doc said if I pop this wkend, he'd hv to deliver me and hes the only one on duty ..hahahaha...

mebbe I shld do that then.. Im just tired I guess. I feel like a ton of bricks has settled in me lower half, way low, my back hurts.. URGH...

later days


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