Friday, August 22, 2003

Renovations all around! It was so noisy that the kids hardly slept :( so took them off to 1Utama originally to meet Say Ku but he had to cancel due to other commitments so we met Uncle Veles instead. Ah Ma's bday today, spoke to her to wish her happy birthday. Will be celebrating with them tomorrow. Jamie said 'yoghurt' yday as he pointed to his yoghurt on the table. He's so clever! Josh can say 'there' and 'fan' now and point to the right things. ooooh, it's so cool. The poor dears were very tired today, with the nap interruptions but they did sleep a lil bit in 1Utama (whose power kept cutting and screwing up the a/c- it was... well.... silly lol) Aunt flo came to visit yday as well, blech, cramps and all. Chatted to Karen and Sue on the phone. The boys have tried regular rice with some sauce (pumpkin and chicken with a dash of wheatgerm and the chicken was cooked in bovril, diluted of course) and today at lunch they had the baked potato flesh with a weeny bit of butter. they ate it all!!!! Even Josh (the fussier of the two at the moment). Jamie has gotten lz at drinking on his own, mama will admit she also gets lz and gives in and holds it for him. Mama must be tougher, he's gotta learn to drink himself! Josh will feed himself with a spoon, albeit very very messily! Mama got some pix of that hehe Actually Say Ku was asking josh where the fan was and he pointed to the standing fan near the yard and said 'there'. SOOOOOOO cute!!!!!! He did try walking wt the walker but it went a bit fast for him, he looked like he liked it but a bit nervous too. They had a nice time playing with their Say Ku and he had fun with them too. Jamie kept talking away to him and Josh tried climbing over him, so funny. Josh studied him closely first bfr making his way to Jeff. hehe. Mama gets an extension on her editing project so she can get stuck in. Tomorrow is gng to be a bz day again. Sunday is gng to be an all day editing day! Ok! back to the editing now!

later days y'all