Sunday, November 02, 2003

Halloween Party day was on Sat, made pancake batter, strawberry and apple sauce, whipped up some cream, grated cheese, gosh what else.. Don made a nice punch. Drew brought a frying pan and some batter. So we had a nice time, eating pancakes and experimenting. Josh isnt fond of pancakes and Jamie does eat it, they had a banana and honey pancake. But it didnt go down as well as the first time they had it, they were tired, they had done heaps of walking around so they werent much in the mood. Don did some DIY around house and we did some decorating as well. we dressed them up, took some pix, Drew arrived, he dressed up as a lawyer for the RIAA hehehehe (if u are a fan of MP3s, file sharing, this wld make more sense), Don was a beach bum and I was hang tuah! I originally wanted to go as Boo, from Monsters Inc but I couldnt find my pink nightshirt LOL The boys were Tigger (Jamie) and Winnie the Pooh (Josh), they r so cute. Posted some new pix on the site btw, the latest ones, including the halloween pix of them. We had candles all around, some decorations (Karen lent us hers from last year). JH and Su came over, poor things are still adjusting to Puasa month and Su has just recovered from flu :( Then CW and Karen (and her cousin Heidi, the poor youngster got freaked out by us I think LOL). We played Silent Hill 2 and 3, or Drew did, we watched in awe.. mannnn is it spooooookyyyyy... we changed to some other games when Heidi looked pretty freaked out and was hiding behind pillow. We then switched to a fight game which she tried a bit. Her parents came to pick her up and then we carried on playing games and chitchatting and eating. So it was a nice, quiet halloween party this year. The next day, the boys got woken up at 6am by the storm and the power cutting out, so we had a pair of grumpies in the am, got fussy wt their breakfast, didnt want to do much toddling so they went down for a nap early. Pottered around clearing up and we managed to get some quiet DIY done. The boys didnt sleep for long (hungry cos didnt eat much breakfast) so we fed them early ( they had pasta today!) and then they had a long playtime! when there's two of us at home, We let them run free (blocking off my office area) since we've cleared almost all the shelves now. they had a goooooooood afternoon nap and more run-around time, they had a good dins, more walkies upstairs and then off to bed after a lovely bath. they sang a bit bfr they dozed off. The storm didnt affect them this time. So.. uploaded the new pix, the most recent ones. Theyve grown so much, I cant believe how much they;ve grown.

later days y'all