Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Well, well.. yday went to MK for a bit, grandparents supposed to go back today but we went to the pedia. today, to check Jamie's testicle (getting swollen again), recommended to see a ped. surgeon, maybe have to have surgery to drain the fluid. see what he says. He's of average height and weight (abt 10.65kg and 76cm), which is very good for a twin. So will try and make arrangements ASAP really. Boys went to their first "introduction" to a talent agency (in our area!), took pix, mini-video etc. Josh walked quite a few steps (showing off for a pretty girl methinks) as well, he's getting more more confident at walking everywhere so trying to teach him the proper way to get down, other than HEAD first lol but they r doing well. I kena bantai for a lot of things today, as usual lor. Hope Art's op is gng well and his recovery is speedy and minimal if not no pain! we are thinking of him!

ok, Boys still tidur so need to wake them up soon, so better prepare the makan etc first. Josh was wt his beloved grandpa today so that was fun. When josh upstairs sleeping, Jamie didnt want to let his grandpa go either but he had to nap. oh well. Next visit. more later.

later days, y'all.