Monday, March 08, 2004

Sun night Had dinner at Fasta Pasta, Ikano Power center. Nice fooooooood but the place, ok also but terrible for parents wt strollers leh (From carpark). Got home, settled them down and then I dashed back to 1U to change one of the pottys we'd gone (The boys really dont like the potty chair, they'd rather be "on the throne". Which in a way is good :) So done some re-arranging of bathrooms etc. The bathrooms in our house all ready! The potty chair was a complete no-no! THey HATED it.. they seem to like being "on the throne". Josh sat on the loo for a while, said WEE! WEE! and giggled most of the time. So cute also LOL

Jamie talked to him all the time (it wasnt his turn). Then while Josh had his shower, put jamie on loo (the kids soft seat is on there, it's great) like normal except he wasnt dressed and he did a poop and a wee. He was quite ok wt the poop etc and was chatting away but the wee (kenot aim hehe) went a bit wide (I took of the "deflector" or whatever its called cos they didnt seem to like it) and he didnt like that.. Just told him he was a good boy cos poop and wee in loo and we wiped (urgh, this was the hard part LOL) and flushed and washed hands. So he looked quite pleased wt himself... they like using the step-stools things to stand and wash hands.

Letting them sit on it once a day right now, leave the pullups for night (mainly cos found it easier to put on them, they liked being dried and gotten dressed standing up now). The potty chair, cant return cos sale item :( Anyway, if you take out the tray thing, it stands pretty stable on top of the loo so saving it for downstairs loo lor. Need to get plumber for quote for shower fixing.. anyway...

Kids twins playgroup today. Went well, the group were very friendly, T WINS GALORE! ssigned up for IBU membership and will join group regularly I think. Jamie did panic from time to time cos he didnt always see me straight away so he's quite clingy tonight, wont go to sleep, a lot of action. I think I will call caroline tomorrow and say I wont b coming to kidsports, mind u, see how they r tomorrow. Had lunch wt drew, went home, made some payments, had milk, tossed them into bed. Sletp two hours and No wet nappies :D They were kinda quiet and tired, popped em in early but jamie woke up again.. dearie me..

ok, that's all for now. LAter days ya;;!