Monday, January 26, 2004

Goodnes, it's been like a WEEK since I've written ANYTHING. Getting ready for CNY, writing a script for Don, visiting, eating, fireworks, kids waking up, mad, mad week!

Boys appetite picked up like something SCARY hehe they are eating lots and lots and finishing up their milk and drinks too! They are now drinking from straws YAY! On sunday (pre-CNY), dropped by Jo's to see Ryan and also to check out some car seats at ss2. Josh's car seat cover had completely disintegrated and searching everywhere for replacement covers (even online), tiada also! Con job I tell you! the seat itself is ok but the cover is just worn away (no protection for him, not to mention the dust). only took jamie wt me, josh hadnt slept in the am so he slept well in pm, whereas jamie opposite. Jamie had so much fun at Jo and Ryan, Jo MIL also loved his chattiness LOL he got to "ride" a trike and he also tried to "feed:" ryan too LOL I later picked up Drew and we went car seat browsing (and some grocery shopping). Went to the chicco/bambino outlet and then babyland, picked up some groceries, jamie was a goood boy! Filled up car, then don got back to me on the choice and we went back to chicco/bambino to get it. It's a lovely blue with yellow trim seat, VERY well made and can be used till abt 3+ (when they can graduate to boosters which are thankfully heaps cheaper!). So dropped drew off, went home and we set it up later that evening.

didnt really wanna throw out the old one, still hoping for cover.. but if not, will hv to chuck it out lor... Anyway, hv to check the cradle car seat to see if that is all ok as well. Expensive business this LOL Anyway, we got the car seat for cheaper than what jamie's seat was and also got a RM100 voucher to spend too! woohoooooooo.. bought them one toy, two straw cup/bottle and some safety locks. the balance that I didnt use got taken off the price of the car seat. So quite a good deal lor.

Was supposed to see Jean and Faith but Faith came down ill after her flu shot (boys are also due for more jabs next month, blech), so that was delayed. Finished the pirates script so that's a yay! CNY eve, cleaners came and inlaws too, we had a nice meal and a crazy time. The boys did get disturbed by fireworks, but josh got back to sleep ok and stayed asleep. jamie, being a lighter sleeper was kept up (and the last of his teeth are coming in) so he stayed wt us after a while, 1am. Don passed out by 3am, he couldnt take it anymore. but the fireworks carried on till 5am when jamie cld finally get a proper night's sleep (and mummy!). So woke up on news year's day like blur-blur!

Went to Ah Ma's (they were both in a fab mood in the am, despite the nite bfr) so we decided to take advantage of that (they r mostly a one-nap-a day kids now) and we had massive phototaking session (the kids got ratty after a while, they wanted to roam arnd of course). plenty of the BIBO method for me (Esp. after certain comments abt religion etc sigh).. but anyway, the kids were good, looked so gorgeous in their CNY baju ("given" by Auntie louie- via angpows lol). We also went to Siu Ching's for a short while bfr bringing boys home for nap. (we left chewie at inlaws during then, SIL wanted chewie also to visit for CNY). Anyway, was tiring but ok lor. Did get to speak to grandpa/gramma in the early morning (when the kids were bouncing on our bed lol) and the boys "talked" to them, so cute! (they shld be back today!)

2nd day we were at home, Drew visited us (was supposed to get others but no one else turned up ahha). Quiet day was good, so tired with all the tossing/turning/kids crying etc LOL

will continue later on. It's lunchtime! gotta get kids fed and laundry done. Just heard from M&D, they are back!! YAY!