Thursday, July 31, 2003

the Boys had a great nap in the morning, almost 2 hours. they were in a great mood and we had lunch with Papa, Uncle Drew and Uncle Veles at Tivoli. They napped in the car so Mama drove around a fair bit. Jamie stood up by himself today!!!!! I had just changed JDs nappie downsairs and moved him aside and then turned around and there he was standing in the middle of the play yard and looking nervous but delighted all the same! He managed to pull himself up the yard fencing too! I dont know how he managed it, he hasnt done it since but he loves being able to stand by himself, but a bit nervous. they played very happily all throughout the evening and giggled away during and after their baths. i think the worse if not all of their snuffles and teething has gone and they are back to their cheery selves. Whew!

Don had to work until late and so did Veles so we postponed tescos until tomorrow, hopefully no more delays, really stretching the groceries now. Poor Don, he's so tired, he's gotta work on his page tonight too.

Oh well.

later days y'all