Thursday, November 13, 2003

It's been a while since I've posted :) Been busy. On Monday, dashed into the office after lunch. The boys were just fine and I met the new partner too. She liked the boys haha. So that went well at least. Tues was at home, cleared up the living room somemore and moved furniture around so only leaves the "home office" area left. The boys are enjoying walking and they can now climb upstairs fairly ok :) working on the downstairs part hehe so another milestone reached. Gramma/Grandpa arrived yday and much gushing, cuddles etc. We fed them and they had a good run around. Gramma couldnt believe the difference in Jamie's appearance due to his haircut lol They had dinner with us and we presented them with the recently arrived published edition of PHOBIAS! YAY!!!!!! signed, stamped and with a loving message from don and I hehe. It arrived a couple of days ago and it was a huge thrill seeing our work (however short and unpaid) in print! May it be the beginning of good things to come! Jamie did the shake hands to say "bo liau" (no more) and he yelled out "Nm-pa" (or grampa) when he saw him. Gramma and Mummy are harder to say but they can say Mum-mum when they want eats. Josh stayed by my side when he saw gramma (she came in first) cos he was staring at the gushing and beaming lady lol Then he spotted Grandpa! ohhhh then the excitement showed on his face. He squealed until Grampa cld come in and pick him up and then ahhh... satisfied look :D So cutelah!

Today cleaners are here and tonight the grandparents and Mama are gng to go hear LH sing! that shld be interesting. Uncle CW will pick me in the evening and off we go! shld be fun!