Wednesday, September 03, 2003

it's a week for backs, I can tell you. Not only did my poor Mum get her back thrown out too (this was when she tried to stop jamie from pulling the fan wire at MK), Drew also threw his back out this w.end (After his badminton.. haha..that means he needs to exercise more lol). Luckily my back is better with an occasional twinge. It's not been good. Dad had his hurting too on monday. Mum isnt feeling well today so we may not see her. Got some stuff for CW to go thru but dont know when to hand over to him. Anyway, he will call me back once he's settled in the office. Hmm.. minced pork today. Rice, tomatoes, minced pork and egg... Fried rice maybe? Been looking up slow cooker recipes too. I'd best put the rice on now. Either way I'd be feeding them rice. They appear to be napping. Josh is very chatty now and they had a good time yday at MK crawling etc. Josh got to ride in the trolley seat when we were carrying stuff up, they loved it! Jamie had his turn on the way down. They were laughing and sqealing with delight hehe. Prob go to Jenn's next week for a swim and a discussion on some collaboration ideas. Shld be fun :D

that's all for the moment.

later days y'all