Thursday, September 18, 2003

forgot to mention this cute thing that happened today. After chatting to the parents, it triggered my memory. Today, there was a bit of fighting over the toys (although it has to be said that they only do that if they r tired, usu. they do share or find other toys). but with the book that Ah Ee gave (the one you can clip to something), they shared the book, holding one end each and jamie "read" to his brother. So cuteleh! M&D suggested using the tripod for a permanent position so I dont hv to make too much movement when filming them, and I shld film them more, I badlah. Lazy also. I just dont like loooking throught that tiny viewer thing. but it shld be good. shame we cant hv a web cam and streamyx LOL Anyway, Josh likes to chat into the Elmo phone also that Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin gave and then he will hand it to u. He also likes the other phone but it's a bit harder to hand it to someone LOL So he likes talking on the phone like his momma! uh oh! Cant wait till we take em swimming agian!

ok, really thats all.. LOL

later days y'all!

So tired the last two days. monthly curse lor, came today, I knew it was coming. MIL turned up unexpectedly yday morning at 815am, woke everyone up with the dog gng nuts. This after a bad night with josh. She never called us anyway, after spending some time there, when the boys went to nap, she went home. She thought she had mentioned it to don but he said all she said was that she had a nice time that day and wanted to come again. That was all. Anyway, Don talked to her later and we established (I hope) some ground rules reG: visits, always call first, even if you are expected! Gng with her to check out Tumbletots at !u next week. so all cleared up. The boys were right cranky in the afternoon although they slept very well in the morning, almost 2.5 hours! Anyway, we did some reading together upstairs, Josh talks a lot, he likes saying bbaaa (like ball or book, he points to either). and Jamie said 'turtle' today when pointing to his fav toy (he wont go to sleep w.o it). Anyway the cleaners came today and the boys had a short nap in the strller this morning (otherwise very grumpy leh), another short doze upstairs (they had a lil snack and drink bfr heading up) and after lunch and some playtime, they slept for like an hour and a half. so mummy also got to rest. Josh calls me "wa-wa" which is kinda cute. He has gotten more clingy though :( He throws such a fuss when daddy goes to work in the morning (didnt help when Ah Ma kept saying look daddy going now, he;s leaving" when she was there, she also uses a sing-song tone and smiles when she says no-no or says not to do something so the boys dont really take notice, Don will hv to mention that to her).

today though, they were good enough to be nice to me when I cramping lol, good boys! they had a nice makan in the evening, and played with daddy and "wa-wa" (lol) and crawled upstairs and they had a lovely bath and Josh wanted to be dried etc standing up lol So no complaints when he was put to bed and he;s past the 8pm barrier and hasnt woken up yet. So fingers crossed it's back to normal now, their runny noses are drying up (josh sudah ok) so that's another good thing. Daddy got to see Jamie take one step so YAY!

once CW sees the platinum studios submission release forms etc and gives me an inkling as to its nature, then I can prepare the script to submit. Do that first and then get back to editing the full manuscript methinks. (after doing all the necessary copyright protection thing). Also, the story round has now finished on PJ and we are in the process of beginning on a script conversion (in stages). So far I'm the only volunteer, it's a daunting process I know but useful for me, I need to practice conversions. Another story round going to start soon but xadrian is in charge of that, so that shld be fun, Sci-fi horror!!! now that wld be a challenge. I dunno if I will participate yet, the script conversion exercise is gng to be a BIG job leh. See how lor. One step at a time. Xadrian has to prep the 'universe/background' first anyway so maybe I got some time to clear the backlog. maybe other volunteers might come up so then easier for me. Hopefully Loston and Carolyn will be safe and sound from the hurricane coming their way (they gng to be offline for a few days). And same goes for everyone that's in their path. cant wait for Wee Free Men to come out in paperback, Terry Pratchett's books take too long to come out in paperback, hati sakit leh! Drew is having a nice time in the UK, he SMS us from time to time, he's at a LOTR exhibition in the London science museum now the lucky dog! So jealous! LOL Don is supposed to be done with the celcom project in PJnow, he cleared up the room and brought back this cloth 'cicak' (gecko) stuffed with sand or something, Supposed to be good feng shui so someone there bought it for MHS lol So don brought it back home (he had to clear up the room since they r vacating it). We've named it "Pez" although don wants to name it "Ignatious the Lizard" or 'Iggy' for short. It's one freaky looking cicak though. not sure if tong wants it back but hey, can still name it what LOL

Ookkkk... time to get back to the script again! must remember to archive more blogs tomorrow.

later days, y'all!