Saturday, April 16, 2005

Today, nesting away! Getting things done (or mostly don hahaa), chilling with kids, went for a drive, had lunch wt drew, (not all in that order LOL).. a bit easier to walk but still sore :( but hv to lor.. Josh is VERY clingy leh, always wants to be carried and everything, bawling here and there.. acting quite different. Saw jo, ryan today, they bought one of the highchairs. Put some more pix up, got more of baby;s room ready, Very restless/fidgety leh...

Im off to mandi and bed I think. I spent a very restless night last night, couldnt get settled, then started thinking about house and what to do....goodness I sound like me mum.. but hey... lol Karen, intan and her kids also dropped by (post kids bedtime, I hv started planning how to slowly retrain em to sleep on their own.. lol practice and trial and error lor.. hv to stick to it, need to keep talking to them about it... ), intan is 7mths pregnant, not sure if boy but hope so! (she has two girls already, aged 7 and 4) so much gossip! They are also doing things to their place (they bought a place in BSD too, appmnt, a lil before karen's). Was nice to see them :)

Good night!