Friday, July 18, 2003

Today is Fri finally! Jo and the boys and I hit 1Utama (shopping centre/mall near our house) today and were there.. boy, hours and hours! It was fun though and we managed to browse lots. Will spring more details tomorrow. Very very tired, back and leg ache! Jo wld prob feel even worse! Boys went to bed early the poor dears. I guess it's males and shopping all over again LOL.

I been a good bz bee though- updated portions of our website (sounds of fainting from readers) and even got a bulletin board together! (gasp!). Check it out folks, contribute if you can :) waaaah so canggih wan... Cuddly Family Forums

Oklah.. time for me to go. More details tomorrow. I wonder how Drew is coping with the convival evening planned for him to celebrate his **th bday! Tomorrow is a bday makan and then afterwards badminton (for some of us, not all lol). Looking forward to it, hope back pain all gone by then. It's almost midnight, time for sleep!

later days folks!