Saturday, April 02, 2005

Mutter Mutter. No more thereafter, well, nothing worth writing about anyway. The usual BHs, uncomfy back pain and he's very active in a thumpy way. Today got Doc appmnt so we see how we go.. sigh

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSIE!!! :) ITs my niece's 9th birthday today :) hope she has a lovely day, being in Penang and all, eating home made poh piah, yummmmmmmmmm... I jealous.... I cld do wt some of that Hahaha...

Boys, Don and I are gng to the doc's and then tesco's. Need stuff. I think the inlaws are dropping by later today (post lunch) for MIL to learn way here and she hasnt seen kids for a bit or the house as yet (well since reno etc). Mind u, it depends on what doc says.. :) Hope its a relatively stress-free day!

(shuffles uncomfortably to have breakfast)
later days y'all


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