Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Ah Ma came over today. We went to 1Utama to get some more clothes (pants, Tshirts etc) since Ive done the clear-out. Had tea and picked up some other safety stuff and a present for Linus :) The boys were tired but Ah Ma got to see their new table, pass us Ah Kow's presents from Sg, took a couple of pix and fed them too. Got tons of laundry to catch up on cos so many new baju leh! so smart and grown up my boys. Jamie can do "sayang" now, but not always to the right person and Josh also will sayang or duk-duk you too.. sooo cutelah my boys. Tomorrow we are meeting up wt some more MNMums so that wld be nice! Lilian will be in town! The boys will say "Na-na" when they want a banana and they both chatter away so much, it's so cute!

very tired now, long day, hv to go back to editing!

later days y'all!