Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I hv hardly been online as we've had drama after chaos after drama.. lol gng to c&p what I wrote for my groups just to summarise the situation. and then add more.

Well, about 2weeks+ ago, jamie fell out of our bed while he was fastasleep, two days later, dh noticed a swelling and a bump, took himto doctor, got xrayed next day, yup its a fracture of the collarbone (his third cavicle). saw the orthaped guy on monday, said therewas nothingmuch he cld do, kids this age heal very fast (three weeksfully healed as opposed to an adults 6 weeks min) and indeed twoweeks on, he's back to lifting arm up happily, sleeps on it nocomplaints, we are sitll careful but he's better. Then we went to the World breastfeeding week's "festivities" in Pantai (hosp here inKL) the boys had fun but long day. course jamie hasnt been sleepingwell cos of shoulder and then their bday party, jamie started afever towards end and was sick over next few days, we had a holidaybooked and we did go and mannnnnnn.. he was sooooooo clingy, wantedto be carried every two mins, cried lots, refused to eat (or hardlyanything), fuss and fuss and fuss.. urgh... only time he was ok was when we went to the underwater world and we had swim in the pool. Onthe plane they were both fine and behaved themselves thankfully. Butwhen we got home, back to the Wiggles, his own bed, happy! and nowadays he's quite sunny etc. I guess its been really crazy wt allthe visits, SIL had her civil registration too, their haircut, onething after another. So I guess he kinda melted down. Glad he isgetting back to normal! We all got sick after we got back from our holiday in langkawi, haze blech... and so wt all this, Ive hardlybeen on!

Yup, once we were back, he was MILES sunnier... and its a joy to see him back to more his normal self, he's still gng thru a fussy phase but CY (our "soon to be a paed") suggested we dont hv mealtime battles or forcefeed him as then he will really refuse to eat and its a common phase wt toddlers. Thank goodness josh doesnt do that (altho he still wont eat bread lol) and he eats well. Jamie pretty much just wants chips and bread (and bread wt cheese, toast wt cheese), grapes, he does drink milk.. so slowly lor. hv to tahan. the holiday was such a tough one cos he was so tantrumy and clingy. urghhhh

but the Wiggles are the saviour I believe, hte boys love it! Im also sooo glad they hv intro the Playhouse disney channel here. Its been so hot and the haze etc, boys still hv running noses but almost all cleared up, ditto for cough, same for me too. Dons last week at work :) A quickie on the bday party: They had a good time and a nice crowd, thanks to CW for the cake! must put up pix soon. It was at our local McD's and josh had such a blast, jamie was quite in the mood (he already not feeling well) and it was snice to see the friends and the kids play together. thanks for all the lovely gifts, wishes, coming to the party, EVERYthing :) Glad godma and aunty tina cld make it (at least they had someone lead them to the McD's hehehehehehehee). weve got a few pix to put up, from bday tothe Langkawi trip and a whole host of other stuff.

Jamie is the hardest to get rid of his cough etc (as always), he just got up coughing :( will hv to go now and deal wt him. I think they know when Im blogging hahahaa

Later days y'all.