Wednesday, September 24, 2003

so tired...josh woke up again (this after sleeping thru the night the day bfr! aiyoo). Toothies again? he seems to just want his mummy (doesnt always calm down if don gets him). Finally managed to get him down to sleep w/o crying (he wasnt asleep already, just half asleep) after a nappy change, a cuddle wt mum at abt 2am. Don is up at 6am cos of his course. Grumpiness (Josh) this morning ate allt he banana but not the muffin (he prefers the apple ones, so do I, my banana muffins were a bit... of a disaster) but Jamie ate most of his. Karen was around last night for Alias and makan but I tidur earlier cos whole day was cooking/clearing/kids. MIL came around after the kids nap, so she help wt feeding/playing etc. I made chicken curry in the slow cooker, it turned out well. Josh can say 'tree' and point to it now (Alex taught him that on sat) and says 'car' etc. He still calls me 'wa-wa'. Jamie took several steps yday with daddy and Ah Ma watching! wow, he's getting quite good. Josh also but since he's been a bit clingy of late, he's gotten less adventurous. Drew is back, he dropped by on Mon and we had a nice time, boys were good. He gave us some nice pressies! Lovely LOTR T-shirts (sudah cuci hehe). He also purchased for us a new Annabel Karmel book. Yum! Went to midvalley on sunday, got dig pix developed (cos got voucher), went to midvalley (got some more books for kids etc), went to inlaws for an afternoon, don got very grumpy afterwards (long story) and then evening all ok afterhis boys give him big smiles and cuddles after their dins :) Josh is pushing the walker around like a CHAMPION, doesnt bother him reg: the speed, I dont even hv to hold it to slow it down for him, he even will lift it up to get it to go in the direction he wants. He even tried one hand leh! waaah my son. Jamie doesnt want to use the walker, he'd rather walk btwn ppl or objects, but they both standon their own a looooot now. They grow up so fast. They both are very chatty and will even hold up the toy phone and talk into it. So cute leh! Prob go back to work slowly, even then a few hours here and there when t hey start gng to playschool around 18mths or later, doing research into it now and must observe a few times etc etc, no real hurry so it's ok. Will talk to CW in depth abt this anyway. Waah jo is due very soon, so exciting!

GRandma and Ah Khong are in town so am gng to see them this afternoon (After cleaners). Hope tomorrow is good day so can at least go for a splash around, josh wld loooooove that. and so long as it's sunny enough so that water isnt too cold. Will be arranging another playdate with Jenn soon, maybe another kaki also of hers wants to join. Her son is four months older than mine. Shld be fun hehehee. Ok lor, nothing more to add for today, I hv been tied up of late so hvnt really written much blog-wise. But the script is coming along nicely!

later days, y'all.