Thursday, April 14, 2005

Boys arent sleeping well, cos congested, poor dearies :( Still hvng those tightenings, a bit more painful now and Im walking like a frankenstein monster, all jerky etc cos its too painful to walk normally.. apalah...

we managed to get josh back to sleep.. but mr. light sleeper, fidgetpants Jamie sleeps, wakes up, sleeps wakes up.. urgh... and this is prob when I WILL go into labour ROFL Drama in me family hor... LOL

Im propped up like a funny bunny and ...just waiting....dunno how much sleep I can uncomfy! I suspect don has dozed off in there...LOL I can feel (and see) this bump, which feels all "spiney", so funny, and yet uncomfy.. apalah this kid!

abt 40mins, 35-40secs, a bit more painful now...

keeping y'all posted..



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