Thursday, April 14, 2005

gosh, 20-30sec tightening, on just over an hour each time. but Ive got awful heartburn now, must be the day Im having haha.. Its not PAINFUL as it was last time.. but I hv to stop what Im doing for a lil while at first.. Major pelvic soreness.. Even swinging leg up onto a bed hurts like hell, like smthing blocking.. he's definitely lower down in the belly now..

Been trying to rest but the heartburn makes it so difficult :( so just sitting semi-reclined with heaps of pillows, feet supported on me bed, using a tray (u know those breakfast trays that have legs so u can hv breakfast in bed so to speak) where my laptop is on (hubby bought that for me hehehehe) so he says I can blog away, even if Im starting labour HAHAHAA..

We shall see.... Gng to chat with other mums on babycenter for a bit...

later days


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