Monday, January 05, 2004

Forgot to mention this: Jamie now whispers like you when we are gng to bed at night and josh is already in bed. We say night-night in a whisper and he also whispers in his baby talk. Sooooooooooo cutelah... The other night, don was trying to settle them both, josh also tried whispering like daddy and jamie were and then he just burst out laughing! He musta thought what was wt Ko-ko and daddy and this whispering thing. He does tend to imitate his bro, esp in the naughtiness area. He's been VERY cranky of late :( clingy, growling, biting when he's frustrated :( he does try to tell you when his nappy is full (he points or tugs at nappy, Jamie is now doing same thing). He also is learning to take off his clothes or bend his knees when standing up to put his leg into pants. Awww.. they grow so quickly, amazing seeing them now....

ok.. later days!


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