Friday, November 14, 2003

Went to IKEA wt M&D. Got the boys their big Xmas present (a table and stools!) It's round in a cheery lime-green colour (I know, it does sound rather shocking!), getting alternative blue and green stools. Also picked up a couple of other things here and there. We had lunch there of course. The MNMums are also organising the playgroup, mite start next week (Tues/sat) so that shld be fun :) tomorrow Grandpa and Daddy are out while Mummy and Gramma spend the day wt the other boys :D the table is all set up so that shld be fun! Poor Daddy's back is thrown out so he's gotta take care of that, he needs a new office chairlah and learn to sit with some support propped up behind him.

ok, onwards I got some editing to do now and also write the next part of our story round.

later days y'all


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