Thursday, September 18, 2003

forgot to mention this cute thing that happened today. After chatting to the parents, it triggered my memory. Today, there was a bit of fighting over the toys (although it has to be said that they only do that if they r tired, usu. they do share or find other toys). but with the book that Ah Ee gave (the one you can clip to something), they shared the book, holding one end each and jamie "read" to his brother. So cuteleh! M&D suggested using the tripod for a permanent position so I dont hv to make too much movement when filming them, and I shld film them more, I badlah. Lazy also. I just dont like loooking throught that tiny viewer thing. but it shld be good. shame we cant hv a web cam and streamyx LOL Anyway, Josh likes to chat into the Elmo phone also that Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin gave and then he will hand it to u. He also likes the other phone but it's a bit harder to hand it to someone LOL So he likes talking on the phone like his momma! uh oh! Cant wait till we take em swimming agian!

ok, really thats all.. LOL

later days y'all!


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