Wednesday, July 23, 2003

It's now evening or late, late evening hehe. Jamie seems to have a wee bit of a blocked nose and woke up a couple of times, fed him some milk the 2nd time (he didnt want his earlier), first time don and I cleared his nose with that squidgy thing (that sucks up the mucus, lovely stuff lol) and put a bit of the kids Vix rub under his nose. Hopefully he stays down. So far so good. JD looks so cute with those three teeth peeking through. He stood for a while unsupported and even tried to pick up a toy, then he plonked down. Only a matter of time! He's already trying to reach over the yard to see if he can reach anything on the sides, need to move them further back. Top priority is to convert the upstairs spare room into don's art/home office so we can move seats further back so that they are away from the TV screen (they are a bit close now), also need to clean up/rearrange the downstairs store room (well, finish doing that anyhow) and bring the shelves from upstairs downstairs. Fixing a w.end to do as much as possible. Parents naturally say do it NOW. but easier said than done I think with our lifestyles. Yes, procrastination has become a lifestyle LOL but it will happen :)

Chatted with my folks online after the CSI season ender. It seems that CSI Miami will take that slot over, cool beans! I love that show, very interesting. I think the shows with the best writing (like Boomtown, Alias, CSI etc) will outclass any others that serve up the eyecandy, like 'Friends' I mean.. why would I want to collect all episodes of Friends????? I am sure there is a reason for it, but for me, my escapism (other than reading and the PS2), a good story on TV works wonders.

Mum (Grandma, my mum) says that the digital pix from both ours and her cameras have come out well. We should get to midvalley one of these w.ends and get them printed ourselves, since we hv the vouchers. Ma (Ah Ma, Dons mum) rang up today to urm.. remind us that the Johnson's Baby Contest is coming up soon or rather the deadline. so many things to remember?!?! arrgghhhh....

don is drawing across from me with this neat blue pencil thing, funky! I love to watch him draw, he's very absorbed in it and It's his love, keeps him sane. As for me, writing is my 'thang' but its too late to keep me sane! hehe Veles wants me to write wonderful things about him (I told him I was just updating my blog) but I told him that people will know that I am lying (cackles evilly). The poor man is still at work and it's 11:13pm. I tell you, these guys work too hard and dont always get the thanks/appreciation they deserve for it, hubby included. But who knows, maybe don's art career will take off and maybe mine will. (urm, not art career, writing lol, unless there is a market for stick people drawings.)

anyways, it's getting late, and jamie is up again, sniffling and that. I think we will bring him into our bed tonight, so that he doesnt wake up his brother (so far so good on that point). I hope he gets better soon. Poor dearie.

Nite nite folks!

later days,
The Cuddly Family.


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