Sunday, July 20, 2003

Well, its the w.end over already. Where does the time go?! Anyway, managed to get some nice shorts for the boys (they needed that) at Reject Shop and Jo and I had a great time browsing thru the shops, the boys were good and napped as well and we ended with some grocery shopping. We then headed back to our house and then ZY came to take his wife home after some playtime with the boys. It was nice to hang out with Jo and chit chat and the boys love her too.

Sat was not too bad, we had lunch at Chilli's at BSC (to celebrate belatedly Drews bday) where the boys tried the Mac N Cheese from the kids menu. They even tried non-salted fries! (they didnt seem too keen on that though). We did dash to badminton but the courts were booked by the time we were there so that was a wash-out. We booked for the following week anyhow. Jenn, Lokes and Raeven were there but they didnt get to play this time. The guys came to hang out in the evening, played some PS2 and watched the Silverstone Qualifying.

Sun, Lia went out to look at houses and appartments with Jo, ZY and LH earlier in the morning while Papa enjoyed some "male bonding" time with his sons who unfortunately didnt take to the concept so well. JD was rather moody today and off his food. More teeth are coming in so it might be that, he was like that when his first tooth was pushing through. It does get rather frustrating I guess for anyone trying to feed him. JK was fine feeding-wise but threw mini-tantrums etc most of the time. Just a lil whining sorta thing. Poor Papa didnt have such a good day. Mama played with them when she got home, fed them. Then Ah Kow (don's sister) and Kevin (her partner) came over, played with them and watched TV (they missed the Amazing Race earlier in the week) as well. The boys were bathed early and set to bed earlier as they seemed very tired, the poor things.

F1 nite again tonight (Silverstone), not sure who is coming by if anyone but that's ok. I am real tired and don's gotta do more work, he worked when he could when the boys napped..

Brb, boys very restless now. will add more later. Aah the joys of teething!


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