Monday, July 21, 2003

Last entry of the day *yawn* I did it! I actually edited and am now in the processing of uploading the pix from our england trip. That only leaves Don's Convention pix left and I want him to select them, cos well, I dont know what he wants LOL The boys played well in the evening, although Jamie bopped his bro on the head but we did practice Standing without support for JD and how to get up to stand for Jamie today. Jamie loves standing and he can hold onto the yard fencing well and stand there, his upper body strength isnt as JD's at the moment. He will get there in his own time. JD's tooth (upper middle, our left) is becoming ever clearer. He looks so cute with one upper and one lower tooth! Jamie is trying harder to say 'fan' and he points upwards all the time. He can do the light and so far every picture on the wall is "clock". We try and play word games when we can. I made chocolate bread today, don is gng to be the guinea pig hehe. JD crawls on all fours now and only occasionally does his commando crawl. JD got more talkative after a slightly longer nap in the pm, he was rather tired poor dear.

don got home earlier so he got to see his boys a bit bfr bed. Jamie threw a wobbly when he was put to bed and he woke his brother up who prob had just fallen asleep so I went upstairs to help Don soothe them. After a few mins, they were put back down into bed, jamie didnt protest (I hadnt said good night to him earlier) and curled up to sleep. JD bawled and retreated to a far corner and gave you the "how COULD u leave me?!" face, at which we promptly said good night and closed the door. A few mins later, silence except for the soothing strains of their music. Jamie obviously didnt suffer from yday's dive into the bath as he tried to get a toy by leaning backwards luckily mama grabbed him, he didnt cry, good boy! a cuddle, he wanted to get his teeth brushed (he pointed to the toothbrushes) and all was fine. but whew!

Don still wont sing nursery rhymes to his sons, even in the car! He says its cos he doesnt want to give them nightmares! Silly man. but wait... his time will come. He will be the dad that will be playing hide and seek somewhere in public. One day, he will sing nursery rhymes!

Ok, I am very tired and I need to shower and chill out bfr sleeping. Gotta catch up with the kids diary too, hand written, aiyoooo.. I gotten so lazy! I must also write to our Uncle John in Scotland. (makes mental note to do so).

Later days, folks!


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