Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Wed 16 July 2003

I know, It's been dreadfully out of date. But here we are. Btw our website has moved to a new location (thanks Createspace!), check It out!

The boys are growing well, so fast! I can't believe they are going to be 1 year old real soon.

The latest?

JD is standing well, he does try to stand on his own but ends up giggling and then losing his balance. Around 10-15secs standing free.He does say "Mama" and "Mummy" when he wants me and finally a tooth has popped out! His 2nd tooth is coming in shortly, the upper left (my left) one has burst thru (doesnt it sound painful!?), I think the others are coming in too (top/bottom). He's very active and adventurous and tends to throw toys out of the yard to see what you would do.

JK says more words now, "clock", "dog", "thank you", "wat tat" (and he points to stuff), "duck", among other words less commonly used ("nite-nite", "mama", "da-da", "bath"). He's getting more mobile and attempts to crawl forward, but he's more keen on trying to learn how to stand. He's less adventurous than his brother and tends to want to be held more and has shown signs of temper tantrums. But he remains a cheeky fella as always. He tends to fight nap time and is more of a light sleeper but he seems to remain mostly good tempered so who knows?! LOL

Both boys enjoy the big bath now and we've got a play yard in the front living room now and they play there quite happily leaving Mama time to do what she needs to. Thankfully! The boys play generally w/o mishap but an occasional drama, usu. JD crawling over JK or JK stealing JD's toy. (see their playdate incidents below). They dont fight the toothbrushing and open their mouth obligingly while I brush so.. so far so good. Finally got rid of the nasty nappy rash incident, switched regular nappy cream so that's a relief (for boys and us!).

Have started using the breadmaker again and I been very domestically inclined! (hears the gasps of shock and the thud of fainting folks). Yeah I know, me! But the boys are eating well and seem to enjoy what I make for them and I can make ahead of time now I know what they like. Thanks to Paula and Rina for their kind gifts of Annabel Karmel's books (AMAZING stuff).

What else? Nothing at the moment. I think that be it. Anyway, it's time for the boys milk and nap time. JD is blowing bubbles at his brother and giggling and his brother is calling him a "clock". Aah, the joys of sibling communication and loving inter-action!

Later days folks!

Tues 15 July 2003

The boys first playdate! Jenn and her daughter
Raeven came over yday morning and stayed for lunch and some playtime. How Jenn and I met was funny! Her husband Loke Uei was a former colleague of mine and Don's and I knew her from the writer/editors community where she is well respected. One day I hooked up with her on MSN and I discovered she was his wife! Totally weird!

Anyway, I served spaghetti bolognese for the two mommas and a version of the same for the kids- raeven tasted some and seemed to like it! The kids played well together, JD and Raev both are standing and some tussling and hair pulling did happen but generally they didnt fuss and shared toys and played together. So the two mommas managed to eat in peace! JD also tried looking down Raev's top, he seems to do that with all females (ask Aunty Ceri!), his uncles and father seem quite proud of him LOL

Chewie did make Raev both nervous and fascinated (she has never seen dogs before), it didnt help when he tried to sniff her up close. But Jenn was ok with it and calmed her down. Raev watched Chewie like a hawk tho. The boys are too used to him and when he sleeps nearby, they stroke his fur and poke him with their fingers and he just ignores them.

Jenn borrowed the recipe books to make her own copies and the next play date will be at their place. She loved the yard and soft tile mats that we put underneath so she will add that to her lil home soon. The play date was a success and it will be good for all the kids to get used to other kids and adults.

That be it!


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