Monday, July 21, 2003

didnt get around to doing the photo editing, the boys only napped half an hour so had to try and settle them. JD is rather clingy today and Jamie also wants attention, aiyoooo, drama minggu ini I tell you! Anyway, am trying to sort out our domain name headache. It seems the utterly useless Yahoo domains cancelled my account (gee, thanks for telling me) mainly cos I cancelled their web hosting service (cos it sux now). I found a better place for more stuff for cheaper (pardon the english, but am annoyed). So with the support ppl's help at createspace, am hoping to transfer domain maintenance over to them for half the price. Contacted Yahoo's domain provider, MelbourneIT but they said oh it was registered via Yahoo so u have to speak to them. Well, that's just great. Well, let's see what the Yahoo customer support ppl come back with. It's very annoying. I mean my domain doesnt expire for some time yet but if I didnt go and check on it, I wouldnt hv known and I could hv lost my domain name. B****ds! soooooooooooo not sure what to do, either cancel with them fools and sign up domain AGAIN, which means I lose some time with email and the like. If createspace can negotiate and get it switched, then hey, that's even better. Who knows? But it's more crap that I dont need ya know? I hope it gets solved soon and minimal fuss and cost to us (and our site/email etc).

Boys are playing together ok. Jamie does tend to steal his brother's toys and then whacks him on the head with it but I am hoping to train him not to do that, it's hard, he thinks it's fun! but for the most part, they play ok together or seperately. The yard has enough room anyway. I think its time for some milk and a cuddle, maybe a short sleep again? It looks like an early night again tonight.

More on this later.

later days, folks!


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