Monday, July 21, 2003

It's a raining Monday. JD woke up when the rain started, bawling. Now this is from a lad who sleeps thru thunder storms usually. It took us ages to get him to sleep last night. we gave him some makan, a drink of water (he wanted to drink from Papa's mug so cute! he is pretty good at drinking from it too), changed nappies, sing songs, play a bit, applied teething gel, gave him cold teething rings, rocked him, sing more songs, in the end Mama took him upstairs, put him in our bed and invented some quiet stories to tell him, he fidgeted about for a while and in the end I found the position he wanted to be rocked in and I told him more stories, getting quieter and quieter until he fell asleep. When I figured he was asleep enough, I placed him back into his cot and he didnt even budge an inch. He did eat ok this morning (he was rather grumpy later on although he played with his bro quite happily) and he zoned out pretty fast (after a lil bit of crying when I first put him in and left the room) so the poor dear musta been tired.

F1 was an exciting race, from what I saw of it, what was with that nutter who ran out on track, not only that, ran headlong into the cars! Some protester or something but he's a MADMAN as far as I am concerned. But the race was full of exciting events from what I hear. great stuff! Let's see where I am in terms of our Fantasy League. I wonder if this will signal the end of the Silverstone leg of the F1 tour, Bernie (u know my mate, bernie ecclestone hehe) has been sounding off on the track etc and after this incident of the nutter protester, it might be the clincher. There's Russia, China (next year), and possibly Middle East and India. So who knows?!

Its STILL raining, it's going to be a flooded roads day I think, hope it isnt as bad as the dataran merdeka incident, I feel so sorry for those folks. You'd think they wld hv figured out we get monsoon rain regularly and then they fix the flood problem but hey... we all know how they work hehe

Ok, I am gng to get some photo editing down so I can finally upload some new pix over to our site. We hvnt taken any new pix lately, my bad! prob take so many during the boys bday party. Ah Ma takes so many anyway, she spends most of the visit taking pix LOL Anyways, will update more at the end of the day. Wld the rain stop already? I got laundry to dry!

later days, folks!


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