Monday, December 01, 2003

The w.end has been ok but Monday has been a headache in parts. Plumbing probs, car probs. The car probs got fixed and Don is now in Singapore. Our plumber cant fix our plumbing probs, only the plumbing contractor can. *sigh* oh well, hv to wait till don gets back lor. Had timsum on Sunday with the inlaws and dropped by Trisha and Sasha and got them a nice xmas book :) they r toddling well now and jamie has like millions of teeth coming thru at once, his molars, canines.. geez, that boy really wants all his teeth out LOL Josh is teething but nothing yet :( he's gotten quite clingy of late but hopefully all will get better. they r both talking well. Jamie said "na-na" when he was dressed in his PJs and ready to go to bed. I had to shower them in their bathroom today, Jamie bawled throughout and had this death grip on my leg. Josh wasnt so bad, he was fine wt most of it after the initial "start". Have to do this until we can resolve our plumbing headaches (Grrrr). The boys are getting better at indicating what they want and they ate the spaghetti bolognese I made for them today YAY! Karen will be around later to borrow don's car, poor dear no car for a while. Hope all that sorts itself out soon.

anyway, cant think of anything right now LOL

later days, y'all!


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