Friday, November 28, 2003

I just realised that I Forgot to mention that Abang Ju and Kak Charmaine had their twin lil munchkins on Thurs! SYABAS!!!! Enzo and Eva, 2.95kg and 2.48kg respectively. Everyone is doing well, although the twins are a bit jaundiced. congrats again!!! Make me jealous only :( hahahahaha but only for a while, dont want twins again!!!! lol (unless kenalah but if not, singleton pls!). Poor Aunty Karen had a car accident yday and we took her to the clinic in the evening, she needs an X-ray on her foot :( She is off today so hopefully she got some good rest. Boys are teething badly, Josh is either very grumpy or very clingy. They woke up last night, josh was up for a while and just wouldnt let me go. I managed to get things together and head upstairs (daddy had taken Karen to clinic and home) and when I was brushing my teeth, Josh was imitating my movements so I gave him his toothbrush and he "brushed" on his own hehe When done, he gave me back his toothbrush, so cute! If I left his sight, even for a 2nd, he'd be bawling! So had to do everything wt him watching, Mandi also! Anyway, we had a cuddle and a read of a book and then I noticed he was really starting to fade out again so I changed his nappy again, did the "nite-nite" routine and he went down w.o a fuss. Jame was restless (you can see his "dracula" teeth coming out hehee) so changed his nappy, read a book and a cuddle and he went back down after a while. But he stirred a lot during the night. So we put them down for nap earlish today. Daddy isnt feeling well either :( Chaos abound! Oh well :) least I finished editing my manuscript hehee..

later days y'all


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