Thursday, November 27, 2003

This is the Raya Summary LOL. Monday, Dad-da was in office of course so the boys created havoc at home lol They are so cute when dancing to the music of Hi5 and so on. On Tues, Pakcik Roslan said he wasnt feeling well so he was leaving the open house so we couldnt get to dress the boys up in their baju melayu but never mind, in the afternoon we went to 1Utama, met Uncle Drew and Aunty Agnes (his sister) for makan and then got stuff for the kids in Toys R Us (hi5 VCDs!!!!!) and clothes too (only two sets for a change hehe). IT was a nice evening and the boys did get to run around a lil bit with the help of Drew/Agnes. On Wed, Mama went to visit Aunty Kah Shin and Baby Ryan in hospital (the UMMC, PICU) with Aunty Sze2 and Aunty Lavendar in the morning, bringing some gifts, a poem (written by Mama!) and some cheery, easy-care plants for the ward. Aunty Kah Shin was resting at home but we saw Baby Ryan who had a healthy pink colour and kept trying to lift his head, so active! he loved the toy that Aunty Sze2 brought and we stroked his hand, back and chitchatted to him, encouraging him to get all better, and he didnt need the ventilator and it's time he came home to bully his "cher-cher" (big sister). I can tell you, coming home (Sze2 dropped me off) to the mad nutters who were squealing and dancing with delight cos I was home and JOsh grabbed my leg was a poignant one for me. It was wonderful to see my boys and my heart felt for Kah Shin's son hasnt come home *YET* (and he will!). I had to give all my boys an extra special cuddle. Jamie had a slight fever yday and a slight running nose, his canines are on the way out (ALL FOUR!) so he's bound to be affected. He had a dose of baby meds and had a good afternoon nap and he was heaps better in the evening. Today, he's up and about like his usual self, chattering away, laughing and grinning at you and making his "popeye" face when he's eating. Cleaners are here today so they r gng to be tired. no social plans for this w.end so a bit of R&R methinks :D Gotta type up the edited manuscript now!

later days y'all!


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