Friday, November 21, 2003

Met Lilian, Karen, Topaz and Sze2 yday (of the MNMums geng) and their kids. Lilian was visiting from Penang. We didnt get to chat all that much with the kids running riot but it was nice to see everyone and we had a fab makan (thanks Karen for the roast chicken and mashed potatoes). Traffic was madness both ways, took me an hour to get home, mannnnn.... The boys were good, ate well (fish, mashed taters and veg). they were really tired at the end of the day. Josh did sleep in the car but Jamie sang, chatted with his mum along the way so by bedtime, he's real tired. Unfortunately the MNMums website is down today :( I wonder why. Hope it's fixed soon. Got a few things to say in preparation for Sat's playgroup. Went to bed real early last night! Lilian's article appeared in the Star (section 2) yday, interesting read!

ok, best get back to editing. Don's exam today! goooood luck!!! Will post more later or tomorrow.

later days y'all!


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