Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Havent had the inclination to blog for a wee bit. It's been a hectic w.end! and the evil auntie made an appearance on monday. Gramma and kids went to 1U on Sat for lunch and a visit to Reject Shop, the boys have started outgrowing much of their clothes so have to re-stock lor.. and get more Xmas presents :D We had dinner together, yum yum pizzza!!! Sunday, we spent time at MK and exchanged Xmas presents (more for the lil kiddies, thanks to M&D!!!!). The boys have now learnt to climb the sofa and are quite good at climbing upstairs but only with someone present (which is a good thing). They are turning to be good "partners-in-crime" doing things in tandem to get what they want.. mommma is gng to have a lot of trouble!!! Lilian from MNMums Penang is coming into this w.end so we are meeting her on Thurs afternoon, it should be fun! Sat morning is the first playgroup and Sun is their first bday party and also meeting Godma and Aunty Tina! social butterflies my boys! We bumped into Aunty Ceri while having lunch in Kopi Bean on Monday so that was nice! We caught up briefly and the boys gave her big grins inbtwn eating! Jamie had to flirt with the other ladies around inbtwn his mouthfuls, that son of mine LOL

Today was a quieter day and the boys are fast asleep! Thank goodness. Mama better get to work!

later days y'all


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