Monday, November 10, 2003

Hmm.. what a hectic w.end! Went downtown to replace my handphone (it had died or in the throes thereof..) with Drew, we got that, some games, a Xmas present or two hehe (me got a guncon!!!!! For the PS2) and the ROTK game is out WOOHOOOOOOOO and another week until the TT Extended DVD is out too. On the way back, got stuck in a jam for an hour and a half (enough for me to customise my phone while chitchatting to drew), so had to skip badminton. Tested some games and Drew played with the boys until almost their makan time. They had an early dinner and bathtime and Daddy went out for a movie with the lads (Matrix: Revolutions). Uncle CW came over for dins and chitchat. Around 11pm, Jamie woke up, he was soaking wet and his sheet had to be changed (Thanks to CW who was a big help), so while I changed Jamie, CW changed sheets. Discovered Josh was also soaking wet (even if he was fast asleep :( ) so we had to change him and his sheets! So aiyooo getting them back to sleep was a tough one. Josh went back fairly soon with a cuddle and "pat-pat", Jamie had to be taken out cos he BAWLED like anything (I think it's cos I left him in the room with CW while I went to get clean sheets for Josh). So anyway, got everything closed up while CW distracted him downstairs and let CW out and went back upstairs wt Jamie, Daddy was on way home. Took daddy another hour to get that kiddo to sleep! Anyway, he got up early on Sun am and was perky like anything.. strange child LOL They were good in the morning but didnt nap long (Thanks to Jamie's chattering). they had a good lunch and CW/Jo dropped by to drop off the first moon boxes (waah Ryan one month already!) yummmmm, more of CW's good cooking! After lunch, they got cleaned up and dressed up nicely. The boys and Mama went to the MNMums (Malaysian nursing mums) lil gathering at Burger King in (Desa SH). THere's a nice lil play area there which you can "reserve" so that's what Lavendar did. It was nice to meet some of those we've been keeping in touch with. The boys had a blast, playing around with the other kids (a wide ranging group of ages), Josh and Jamie had learnt today how to go up and down steps (down is the one they hvnt QUITE grasped yet), we did a test run at home today in the morning. Don sat at one end (The lower half of stairs) and I helped them up, one step at a time. they were giggling away- so cute! So they got to go on a slide today with Mama's help. Jamie wasnt as bothered abt it, he was too bz trying to charm the lil girls HAHA Josh started climbing up the steps to the slide by himself (ACK!) but he made sure that Mama was there and he waited for me to help him for the higher steps, what a good boy. They were on their best behaviour and Jamie even said "please" (or "pees") and thank you when he wanted something. hehehehehe. Good boys in company I guess! LOL We left around 430pm or so and Josh fell asleep in the car but my lil dynamo carried on chattering all the way home LOL They had a fun day too and I've uploaded some pix from that day already.

So the boys are up for their nape and I've got some stuff to catch up with and think about their lunchtime! Grandpa and Gramma are due to visit this week. :) IT's been a while since they've seen the boys so it will be fun! it's gng to be a flying visit this time, which is a shame but it will be nice to see them again.

later days y'all!


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