Monday, July 28, 2003

(takes a deep breath), well then.... the boys slept last night. I had a miserable night on Sat/Sun, just couldnt sleep after Veles left (he had brought supper etc). Tossed and turned, managed to finally doze off around 6am. Still managed to get thru Sun ok, went to 1Utama to get some stuff doing, browse for the boys bday present, that sorta thing. Oh yeah, and get dons comics. Picked up some more kids yoghurt that I can only find at Jusco, the boys love it and its not sweet so that's good. I also picked up some Plain yoghurt to mix up stuff. That hand blender is a godsend I tell you! I use it so often. I posted up new pix and don and I sent off the entries for that Johnson baby contest. Whew!

Monday, don had to go to work early and pick up Suet too (get that road tax renewed chicky!). The boys were ok, less runny noses and no coughing so thats something. JD's teeth are b/c more prominent, he looks very cheeky! Jamie is learning to love his new found mobility and their fav game still is chasing each other around the yard or wherever. Peals of laughter can be heard, I promise you that. I think I must start video-ing again. i did some searches online for literary agents and things like that, shortlisted a few likely possibilities. Once I'm done editing the manuscript, I've got to prepare a cover letter, synopsis and whatever else is required. At least I can said 'I've tried" rather than "I could have".

Nothing much else at the moment. It's sooooo muggy and I am whacked, I think this is it for the night and I am heading up.

Later days!


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