Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Today, not as exhausted, Its prob cos lorraine arnd this am to help wt chores etc, that and taking care of the lads adds to ur tiredness! I just copied and pasted over what I wrote from my group... Im getting lazy LOL

Gosh, boys were good, jamie again did a wee in the toilet, told me also that he needed to go! Josh is now regressing..,and allt hat but expected lor.. Am keeping at it :) Also attempting to let the boys go to bed by themselves..Its worked on and off and worked yday, today,cos we dozed off during rest time (or mummy did and they followed my example ROFL), they were less cooperative in letting me leave (usu.
say I hv to cook dins for daddy) and then baby cried.. haha so I just said I need to get baby, hes so hungry! Got baby, settled him with a nice bath, boys were making so much bawling noise, I went in, said look mummy has things to do, I wont be long, will b back later etc.. then tucked em in again and left.. Did all those things like 2x, each time longer and longer.. in the end I had to feed baby in their room,
and then all th etime telling em, poor daddy gng to come home all tired and hungry and he has no dinner cos u wont let mummy cook dinner now.. (cor, mums are good at guilt hor) and poor baby kieran was crying so long, he cant talk.. course my lawyerlike son had an counter-argument for that. lol But after bb fed, I said I had to put him into his cot, bbl, sleep well. And they let me leave wt no fuss..

Guess parenting is one that takes a LOT of persistence, perserverence and patience.. some days are better than others but Im really trying my best to manage wt them and teaching what I can.. Only time will tell I guess.. ahhahahaa

tired now..... bad storm coming.. hope boys are ok.. :( they need a good night's sleep.. ok, Id best get this out of the way, need to post up some pix (see the photos.yahoo.com/cuddlyfamily site) for updated ones.

later days yall


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