Sunday, May 08, 2005


had lovely day, had an hour plus of uninterrupted sleep. boys came in, got smothered in hugs and kisses and wishes of "Happy Mudder's day mummy!" Had a nice breakfast and then went to inlaws for makan, that was nice.. then had quiet time altogether as a family and then Lh and neighbours came to visit. :D Sent them to bed by themselves and after some moments of giggling, all asleep by themselves :)

Jamie asked to go on toilet and did a wee/poo all on his own initiative, its cos DADDY took him :) Josh is gng thru a clingy phase and all that.. but over time it shld be ok.. Gotta keep at it!

short post today. gng to rest up early cos tomorrow is first day on my own, ACK.. not sure how its gng to be, how I will manage..but I gotta try.. need to find a routine/groove etc that works..

fingers crossed that I dont b/c too muhc of a frazzled wreck by evening :)

more on this tomorrow!


At 2:32 pm, Anonymous Eliz said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Lia!

I read your blog on your recent delivery. Congrats! I had c-sect for my 1st baby. I was way, way overdue, went in for induction of labour. After 15 agonizing hours, my dilation went from 0 to 1 cm. What happened?!?!

You go girl!


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