Friday, May 06, 2005

Ah, didnt get to finish (or even start) labour story yday haha. so bz leh, organising house some more, trying to work out a good routine for all, trying to think what ways to cope wt three kids on me own (as of next week)... BUT I gotta try :)

Now... I MUST get to grips with my labour story, esp once I finish setting up the bills etc. Blech, I hate bills....but I gotta get back into the stream of things and running the Cuddly Household.

haha, pottty training is quite the adventure.... lol

anyways, Baby K is in his own room, parents are back in MK and will be in penang... gotta work things out nicely and see how we go.... I think Im mad LOL bt I guess I see it as a challenge to work thru.. (ok ok I am mad too!).

just as well its the w.end! Dashes onwards for labour story!

later days


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