Friday, May 06, 2005

oops forgot this:

jenn's caustic comments on elective csections!



At 4:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Lia, my name is much for being anonymous. I dont relaly know how this blog works thats y i keyed Anonymous.

First of all Congrats on yr newborn. Such a cutie.

Let me start by introducing myself...i'm Manju's buddy who is 32 weeks (next week) preggo. I go to Damansara Specialist as well but my gynea is Dr. Guna. Manju insisted i read yr delivery (normal) experience and yr experience at the hospital. i must say it was an eye opener. U c, my hubby, Rohan and I have lately been questioning the credibility of our gynea, Dr. G. Practically everyone we know go to him. My childhood buddy Anna, just delivered a baby girl last week at the same hospital and the same gynea. She went through a C-sec as well. My sis who has 2 kids also went through a C-sec. That seems to be the trend these days...all of our friends who go there have been advised a C-sec.

I actually proposed to Rohan that I deliver at UH! I feel the chances of having a normal delivery are greater there.

Anyway, I must take my hats off to u for being outspoken to yr gynea. I told Rohan about yr story with the midwife had broken yr waterbag while checking you. I think that'll be our best bet. I've decided to "pakat" with our midwife and insist on having a normal delivery...hoping she'll cave in and sort us out with one b4 the gynea shows up insisting on a C-sec.

Any advise?


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