Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hi all. Very brief note. Wont post the labour/delivery story till our streamyx is back up (blardy thing been off since sat! aiyooooo terrible leh lol)

Baby kieran was born normal delivery (despite my doctor's efforts haha, more on this later) on Wed 20/04, 23:42pm. He weighed 3.3kg, 48cm in length (thats roughly 7lbs 40z/19.2inches I think). Rest assured we are all well! He's being a goooood baby! Breastfeeding coming along great, he LOVES his mummy's milk and hes plumping up real well. his big brothers are being so good with him, they love to kiss his forehead and pat pat him gently and talk to him quite happily about what they r doing. They r fascinated watching him feed and often do sit next to me and chitchat or read their car mags or play cars quietly. Such lovely lads :) (most of the time hahaa)...

Two nights in a row they gone to sleep by themselves!!!!! hope it keeps up! fingers crossed.

thank you to all for the wishes etc etc :) Will catch up soon, for sure!!! (u know I wont be far from the blog! hehehee)

later days


At 6:37 pm, Anonymous Manju said...


I got brief update about your labour from Sathiya..can't wait to read the full story from you...

Happy Breastfeeding!!

At 6:40 pm, Anonymous lyndy said...

congrats lia don and boys ,its great things r going well,pressumed he was here as u wernt ,lol,kisses and hugs lyndy and ava


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