Thursday, December 11, 2003

Went to 1Utama yday and met up wt Jenn, Raev and her MIL. (jenn's, not raeven's hehe). Was ok, but Josh was very grumpy and clingy. he got very mad when I carried raeven for a while so Jenn and MIL cld eat. Got some Xmas wrapping paper and a potty thing (we were waiting for new stock to arrange) and some lil cars. They need to get used to sitting on it I guess, dont think they r ready yet but it was on sale :) So don said let's get it. Cleaners are here today but the boys are now upstairs, fast asleep. Late lunch today methinks. Chewie gets to be bald again tomorrow (for his xmas present HAHA). Another week till don's last exam and ROTK! Boys were generally oklah yday, more so if we were moving around. They "talk" a lot and climb everywhere! josh has learnt to climb down now so that's good. Jamie will eventually. lol Had tea and the boys had milk and muffins and flirted wt everyone around them while "driving" their cars on the table, they try to make the "broom broom" noise. Don got to study a bit last night and spend some time wt them so tat's great. They were rather tired so went to bed very early. I think Im PMSing so rather tired/cranky. I really feel like a steak dins! yummmmmmm... maybe I will if don babysits tonight, just go on my own, read a book and eat steak, how carnivore hehehehee It must be time for lunch, Im starving lol Got to wrap presents at some point this w.end. Don says he'd like my inlaws to babysit this Sat, cos we are gng to Riverdance wt SIL. oh well, what to do, I guess I hv to. Cant say anything really. Anyway, only a week till ROTK and two weeks till Xmas YAY!!!!! Today is KhorKhor's funeral over in HKG. :( sad but at least she is at peace from her illness now. Must get to the buddhist temple soon. I feel like it. Will talk to don soon. Also must learn the way to UMMC so can visit Kah Shin and the other PICU mums.

later days yall.


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