Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Urgh, stiff neck. got kids to sleep later tonight, sigh. Jamie wants his daddy and he knows (or rather I suspect he knowS) that if he cry like big drama, daddy will come in. Cos during day, dont hv this prob leh. Chatted to Mum and dad briefly as well. Nice to hear some news from over the seas. Today is Tua Ku's bday!!! woohooo!! will be calling him later. Sat we went to Riverdance with Ah Kow, Uncle Drew babysat, FAB FAB Show! The music was wonderful the whole performance was great. No gathering this w.end, nothing till the New year (except one or two one-to-ones, I suspect). But shld be meeting Claris in IKEA later this week (after don's exam) and then maybe some others will come a-visiting next week. The hongs will be away for xmas. gotta get to wrapping presents etc and start hanging up the Xmas cards too! Jamie has started calling Josh "Shua" (like joshua) and Josh occasionally answers. Jamie is showing his bossy side now LOL He is happy telling you what to do and he even points to the TV and says "Five" (or something similar) cos he wants to see Hi5. Josh loves trying to imitate the dancing movements etc. so funny! the Eveil Auntie is here blech.. and I missed market this morning.. goodness knows when can go, blech. anyway, cant think of what to say today, mind is a blur.......

later days y'all.


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