Friday, December 12, 2003

Raeven's blog being nominated for Best Journal/Diary for the Asian Blog Awards ( ) Go vote for her!!! yay! I did :) What fun! Very interesting. The blogger running the site had been "attacked" by some other blogger who was commenting on the fact that Flyingchair was a Mat Salleh.. hiyaaa so whatlah?! But I guess ppl hv issues wt it. My Mum certainly has kena in the past but oh well. Fascinating blog tho and it's nice to see ppl who are interested in our region whether the "colour" of their skin is "relevent". (shakes her head at silly ppl who cant see the bigger picture). I dont think I'd even advertise the blog haha.. nothing of interest here to anyone except the family/friends I guess. Anyway, go vote for raeven! (Everybody loves Raeven blog).

Say Ku sent us a VERY interesting URL (from that shows all three siblings (from Ah Ee down to "MeMe")'s state swimming records are still in place, so funny! Ah Ee's is from 1980! wow! MeMe (or Mummy)'s is from 1989. Waahh....Very the impressive.. I never knew still got leh! Wtg, the Swimming Ongs! :D

Other annoying items is the coverage for this year's SEA Games, waahh, they always say "*only* silver or bronze" like it's just nothing. "They only managed silver so we will give you some token". GEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ... it's blardy hard work being an athlete and at ASEAN level also not so easy huh? So any medal etc is blardy good what?! Same old sports reporting/policitician commentary I guess.. just gets my goat at times!

The climbing toddlers are always dashing about nowadays and they are doing really well at words now. "Upstairs, watch, nappy". Jamie has tried to say Josh's name but mostly says 'brother'. Josh has gotten better at climbing down from the sofa but Jamie likes to do the "stand up, sit down" routine. Least he understands it. lol and he understands "relax!" and goes to lie flat in the bean bag, so cute! We switched on the Xmas tree lights bfr they went to bed and they stared at it for ages with absolute fascination! Awww so exciting! I think Xmas day they r gng to be completely nuts LOL

Discovered today that the kids table has a large chunk taken out of it after the cleaners so rang em up and said wanted to clarify. Called em again today and they said they didnt notice anything (The cleaners) and I said look if it was us who broke it, then I wouldnt be talking to u! it's a big chunk and the plastic piece wld be noticeable! Grrrr... our beautiful IKEA kids table, not cheaplah and their big xmas present somemore! Let's hope we can come to a solution. It's dangerous for kids even if to the wall leh. So wld hv to replace it I guess :( I hope not! Well, let's hope they say something positive cos otherwise I'd be very angry! Anyway, will hv to wait till next week till they come over, hiyaaa so annoyinglah!

Chewie is gng to the Vet today to get bald :D and then I prob go 1utama. Just browse around, get a key cupboard thing or something else for house. Maybe hv lunch there too, depending on kiddies.

later days y'all!


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