Saturday, December 20, 2003

DON PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE's an MCSD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!! no more exams, major sigh of relief for everyone!!!! :D (Beams with wifely pride). We had lunch with Daddy at 1Utama at TGIF to celebrate the great result! :) got some shopping done on me own (after he had to go to Bangsar to see his mum, talk abt the car, give her tix for HP's showing of ROTK) got a dustbuster for WAY cheaper than what it was originally advertised for (which we budgeted for), a few items for Xmas and a new toy for my lil munchkins hehe... and then Dondiscovered he had to work on sat am!!!!!! Now that sucks major league and then he also has a blardy meeting on Xmas eve.. AFTERNOON/EVENING...he was looking fwd to spending time with us and we hv a list of things to do arnd house bfr Xmas :( On Sunday, it's relative visiting day as the Lees will be in town (on route from UK to Penang) and Aunty Loui and Marianne are in town as well and Philip might be in KL. goodness what a bz w.end LOL And it's PC FAIR too LOL No chance to testdrive the Unser I guess. oh well. Last night, got to wrap most of the Xmas pressies, got one or two more to go and Jamie finally went to sleep w/o protest! (I put him down). I think with them being arnd 1Utama most of the afternoon (no nap), lots of play as well, that seems to work. I think it's time we fixed classes to go to (those "gymboree/music" kinda things) so that they get used to the routine of gng and also they get more stimulation than being at home a lot. Bumped into Claris and her husband (and lil Alyssa, sooo cuddly she), helped her find the car mirror she was looking for and we had a nice chitchat. Bought some Xmas pressies there (mostly for the other kiddies), I think that's almost all the list. Just one or two more to go and I hv to wrap our pressies up too. The aisles were so messy and it was so hard to manuvere (sp?) arnd esp if u r holding stuff to pay for and two massive balloons from TGIF which the boys got and they love playing with. Paying parking was STUPID, cos they dont hv those autopay stations everywhere... but otherwise.... heheehe....Got the Xmas hats out for my boys :D Xmas music is playing now and the tree lights are on (yes I know it's daytime) but it's fun :) Don did that while I was cleaning the breakfast dishes.. I could hear the lovely sounds of Xmas carols and children giggling and the tree lights blinking.. almost made a tear come to my eyes... Aiyooo getting sentimental in me old age.... Anyway, don is out at work now, the kids are napping and all is at peace with the world....


later days y'all..


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