Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Boys been ok, pottering about everywhere, Josh is tryng to run but he cant keep his balance yet so he gets all tangled up. Only let them try feeding themselves once in a while but let them practice with a spoon as well, I think will try again soon, shld let them practice more. This Sunday is the gathering of the MNMums, shld be fun to meet some of them. Jamie got a bruise on the other side of his forehead, almost in the same place as his brother's but it wasnt so bad, he was so excited toddling around he got all tangled up and fell down. After some comfort and cuddles, he was fine and returned to toddling! (he fought off putting ice on his forehead but his wasnt as bad as Josh's was). Ah, the joys of learning to walk/run. They are both chattering a lot and are the cutest things :) Their hair is growing again, Jamie's esp. Will be gng into the office sometime this week hopefully. Nothing much to add today!

later days y'all


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