Friday, April 01, 2005

well people, Im just waiting for this dang baby to pop out.. I feel like a bowling ball wants to pop out between me legs! (ok, that was kinda TMI huh?).. I got fidgety and decided to do some minor overhaul of the blog (after seeing Jenn's blogs, aiyoo malulah I!) and realised that both pix/website are like wAY WAY overdue!

so I fiddled around with a look for the blog. (what y'all think?). Must get some more pix and videos up here..

My sis/family and parents are in penang now (this is prob when baby Kieran WILL wanna pop when no support here haha).. have a doc appmnt this sat.. If he doesnt come out tonight, April Fool Mah... suitable for this family HAHHAA

I've just been posting short pieces of late but better than it was ;)

Oh check out Jenn's all new feature blog/article on! (just follow the links to sunblogs). Awesome stuff :)

The Cuddly Family.


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