Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Gosh... Lagi lama I never write... hehe. this house is full of boxes and man hv we managed to clear out a lot. The time draws ever nearer that we get to move (prob after cNY), I cant wait! The boys are settling in well in school, no tears or fuss, and the principal tells me that they r very good boys and do as they r told (hmm.. are these my sons shes talking abt???? lol). They enjoy it and go willing and just as willing leave ehehehehee.. They r learning songs, the alphabet, arts and crafts and daily living skills (putting things away, following instructions etc), its great! I love to see how much they enjoy it and how excitedly they tell me what they;ve been doing. Cant wait to move also cos I wont hv to FIGHT the dang jam just to get em to school! aiiyooooo lol

tummy is growing bigger and baby kieran is one MAJOR kicker I can tell uNt sure what on earth hes dng in there but its somer saults lah, kicks, turns.. goodness knows what else..

will get to grips wt this more often as I can ;)

later days y;all


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