Friday, December 31, 2004

Heres a lil poignant article by my friend Jenn on her experiences wt her premie sky..

and here is her blog:

But sky is home now and thats just wonderful news. It was quite heart rending knowing abt it all and yet Im not the parent involved. Makes me wonder abt my own impending labour/birth. This time arnd, been less "vigilant" or "involved", mostly been distracted by the daily chores and raising hte boys and packing up, planning to move etc etc.. I heard thats pretty normal for subsequent pregnancies, so I feel a lil less guilty haha but I still talk away to the active lil Baby Kieran and he kicks away something chronic! hoping its a natural birth this time, doing some more research on all that now (VBAC) and labour etc. Esp after Jenns experience.... *sigh* it is so heart reading knowing the person who is gng thru this and expecting your own too... well, one granny once told me that I hv the hips for childbearing (hmmm.. is that a double edged compliment hahahahahahhaha) so lets hope all goes well.... Its gng to be weird gng thru it all again (I really think I'd keep looking for that 2nd bb hahahahaa), the breastfeeding, jaga all again.. and then still look after boys and the rest of em (sorry lovie hahaha). But in many ways also looking fwd to it hehehehehee ... oh yeah and moving house! hahahahahhahaha Well, boys start school on monday, another milestone :) my boys are growing up, the lil monkeys, I think theyd love the activity etc hope they settle in ok!

Today is new year's eve, last day of 2004. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and I hope 2005 will be full of blessings, peaceful and good things for you all :)

later days, y;all!


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