Sunday, August 29, 2004

It's been that long! Mucho things happening... yes I know.. always seems to hv mucho things happening lol Anyway, don has finished wt HP now and has just started work at DHL, he leaves by 7am and is home by 8pm++ very tiring but what to do... Cyberjaya is quite a way and traffic is a nitemare since they closed the MRR2!

SIL's wedding went off w.o a hitch, boys behaved beautifully! even during the service, they sat still and jamie even bobbed along to the hymns lol So cute leh.. must show off the pix very soon, no laptop, get lazy lol The wedding dinner was lovely, just a small family dinner at the Nikko hotel (the wedding and lunch reception was at Assumption Church (in PJ). very nice food, at their chinese restr. Toh Lee I think the name is. Boys were babysat by Drew of course :)

some idiot is setting off fireworks today, aiyoooooooo its Merdeka (Independence day) w.end but whylah so late!? Jamie has just woken up and don is seeing to him so I need to close up soon, in case josh wakes up too. So a quick runup AGAIN lol

Found out last week that Im now expecting No: 3!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO had first checkup wt ob/gyn and so far implantation looks healthy, another checkup on the 11th Sept to confirm EDD. so far shld be arn the 24th of April 2005, rooster baby!!! Fingers crossed it will bea girl but so long as healthy and all working parts in order, ok what.. :) So far, quite a diffr start to pregnancy, not much morning sickness, some feelings of queasiness, only thrown up once. and tends to be at night. very tired of course but its much more manageable this time arnd (AT THE MOMENT). Told the boys to be careful cos mummy has baby in tummy so they dont leap or bounce on mummy anymore but snuggling is ALWAYS welcome hehee.. so they make up for it by bouncing away on daddy lol So funny, Jamie goes "baby tummy" and rubs my belly or my chest I think he's confused lol Karen and Drew are excited cos they will be the godparents for this one (thank goodness only ONE egg and there's no sign of SPLIT into two, so YAY!!! lol) Paranoia methinks lol Alex and Lynn are also expecting their first abt the same time (buy the cotbed pls!!! lol) and our friend sharon (she's frmo my mums group) is also expecting her 2nd abt same time. Must be something in the air in July LOL Am also gng to be featured in Today's parents mag as one of their "pregnancy diary" ladies, got a photographer coming on Tues to take some pix, aiyooo lol first issue out End Sept (the Oct one)... funky LOL

Jamie's mattress has been ordered and is in on Wed, not sure when can assemble bed tho, but soon he will be in own bed and slowly wean him off coming to us at night, it mite takea while but better now when too near when Im due hor.. Josh will be in his own big bed much later on (although mum suggests using the cot bed to get him used to being w/o "bars" bfr we move him to big bed, which mite b an idea, we wont be handing over the cotbed to alex if he buys it, so soon so why not?! and don and I hv to move furniture arndlah or decide what we are gng to do, whether to reno or not.. *sigh* or hv to pintpoint my hubby to talk abt it at least LOL But I hv some lovely new super single sheets etc, ready for use when his new bed comes :) fingers crossed all goes well and he STAYs in his roommmmmmmm... lol

anyway must dash off- don needs to get some drawing done and Jamie is up now so I gotta close up etc etc. Will write when I Can next :)

later days y'all!


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